Brian Pillman Jr. Discusses His Interest In Signing With WWE

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As the son of the late Brian Pillman, Brian Pillman Jr. has obvious connections to WWE. The MLW superstar was a guest on a recent episode of The WINCLY podcast and spoke to Wrestling Inc. managing editor Nick Hausman about the possibility of joining WWE’s developmental brand NXT.

Pillman is considered to be one of the top young wrestlers working the independent circuit. He was trained by Lance Storm and utilizes a high-flying style similar to his father. He said he treasures his time in the indies because he feels like he learned more than he ever would have if he joined the WWE to start his career.

“It’s definitely really fun being out in the indies, you really get to experience the roots of this business, how people were brought in and brought up, and the things that people had to go through to get noticed and really earn that respect,” Pillman said. “In my eyes, I made a good decision by getting an indie run out there, I’ve learned a lot, I have a lot of experience that maybe some guys may not have learned had they just went straight to the federation or to the Performance Center. So I’m very grateful for the path that I’ve taken, I want to thank my trainer Lance Storm.”

Despite enjoying his time in the indies, Pillman said he is open to joining NXT when the time is right. He said he is currently focused on the work he does for MLW, but he knows at some point in the future he will likely follow his father’s footsteps into the WWE.

“But with all that said, the WWE, NXT, Performance Center, all those different words and acronyms, those seem to be popping up more and more in my rear-view mirror lately,” he said. “It’s just one of those things, you have to take care of your business first, and I’m doing business with MLW right now and that’s my major focus. But like I said, there’s connections, sure, but it’s all about taking the right steps at the right time. I’m surely waiting for the right time to do that step.”

You can listen to Pillman’s full interview on the WINCLY in the player below, which also features ROH star Vinny Marseglia, TrumpMania author Lavie Margolin, PWI’s Dan Murphy and Lance Anoa’i, who talks about his career and cousin Roman Reigns. You can subscribe to Wrestling Inc Audio on iTunes to get the latest episode of the WINCLY every Thursday afternoon!

Source: WrestlingINC