WWE Issues Statement On Daniel Bryan/John Cena Reportedly Refusing Crown Jewel Appearances

daniel bryan john cena crown jewel wwe statement

But it seems like John Cena and Daniel Bryan’s status is an even bigger question mark. After all, there were reports that WWE Creative was told Cena wasn’t doing the show and we can only assume that Bryan — given his many moral convictions doesn’t want to go either.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan gave for refusing to work the Crown Jewel event —- Daniel Bryan has a huge moral conviction to the idea and also has a public profile, but nowhere near to Cena’s. Since John Cena is a huge movie star already and slated to possibly become one of the biggest box office draws next to The Rock, his association with the country might be ill-timed.

Now Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that their sources have confirmed that Daniel Bryan has refused to go to the event and WWE has issued a statement saying:

“As always, we maintain an open line of communication with our performers and will address each situation accordingly.”

Bryan Alvarez discussed this on Wrestling Observer Live where he discussed the idea of these two huge (and still advertised) Superstars saying that they’re not headed to Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

“Now, Monday and Tuesday the feeling was that the show was in great jeopardy of not taking place in Saudi Arabia. It’s possible that they said, “We’re not doing the show in Saudi Arabia” and the company said, ‘It’s probably not taking place in Saudi Arabia so let’s keep the matches’ and that’s what they did.”

“Now it seems they’re absolutely going to Saudi Arabia so on Monday and Tuesday we’ll find out if there’s anything from that story. It’s been days and WWE hasn’t said anything about that story. But on Monday and Tuesday if they shoot angles taking them off the show, then you’ll know why.”

Alvarez also said that if Cena and Bryan end up going to Saudi Arabia then there is nothing to the story. Then again, it could still be true but WWE was willing to pull a bigger money truck (that’s a truck full of money) up to their homes.

Only time will tell what happens next, but it seems like we’re in the middle of another wait and see kind of situation. But for sure — unless something else happens like Vince McMahon gets a call from President Trump telling him to cancel the Crown Jewel event or move it (which isn’t likely) we’ll still see Crown Jewel take place in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Ringside News