Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2018 Results

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Matt Sydal & Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack – Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Eli Drake Open Challenge: Eli Drake vs. James Ellsworth – Winner: Eli Drake

Drake gets on the mic and said he want something more than that, he wanted hall of fame material! Out comes Abyss! The two end up brawling in the ring, Abyss goes out and grabs a table, sets it up in the ring, nearly puts Drake through it. Drake fights back, looks to drop down on the table through Abyss, but Abyss grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him through the table. (transcript from WrestlingINC)

Impact Knockouts Championship: (C) Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie – Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Winner: Eddie Edwards via DQ

Accompanied by three women, Moose (in a very silver jacket) heads to the ring. Edwards rolls out to the ring with a kendo stick, momentarily chasing Moose out of the ring. Edwards nails the boston knee party early on, but doesn’t go for the cover. He instead goes for his kendo stick and Killer Kross attacks from the crowd. Referee calls the match. Kross tosses Edwards in the ring and Moose continues to hammer away on him. Moos with a weak pump kick on Edwards and out comes Tommy Dream with a kendo stick. He smacks both Kross and Moose out of the ring, grabs a mic and tells the two guys they don’t know where they are. Dreamer says the crowd isn’t going stand for a finish like that and calls for the bell to be rung! (transcript from WrestlingINC)

No DQ Tornado Tag Match – Tommy Dreamer & Eddie Edwards vs. Mosse & Killer Kross – Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Eddie Edwards

Post-match, Kross chokes Edwards and Moose hits a spear. They take him out and hit double powerbomb on the edge of the apron. (transcript from WrestlingINC)

oVe Rules Match: oVe (Dave Crist, Jake Crist & Sami Callihan) vs. Pentagon Jr., Fenix & Brian Cage – Winners: oVe

Concrete Jungle Death Match: LAX (Satana, Ortiz & Konnan) vs. The OGz (Hernandez, Homicide & King) – Winners: LAX

Allie agree to make a deal with James Mitchell to be sent to Su Yung’s undead realm to find Kiera Hogan. Allie ends up going into a coffin and then bumping into Mitchell, he reminds her that if she sees her soul, it stays with him, so no touching. Allie (with an small ax) heads through a creepy building. She hears a noise and looks around, an undead bride shows up and starts choking her. Allie smacks her with the butt end of the ax and then with the ax itself. Allie bumps into another bride and jacks her up with ax to, blood splatters all over the place.

She ends up finding her soul, but ends up moving on from it. She finds a coffin where Kiera Hogan is at. From behind is Su Yung with a big ax of her own. Yung welcomes Allie and takes a swing, Allie blocks it, then dodges another couple swings. Yung finally drops Allie, chokes her, and takes the mini ax. Yung goes for a swing as Allie block it, but Yung locks in the mandible claw on her. Allie looks to be fading, Yung pulls out a knife and Allie suddenly wakes up and whacks Yung in the neck with the mini ax.

Allie wakes Hogan up and gets her out of the coffin. Hogan is out of it as Allie leads her back to the exit. They can’t get the coffin open though and Mitchell shows up. He laughs and says he promised to let Allie in, but didn’t say anything about letting her out. Yung and the brides show up again and close in, but Rosemary shows up and fights them off. “Hi, Bunny. You shouldn’t be here.” Rosemary helps them open the coffin, but Yung shows up again. Rosemary fights her off in a cosmic battle! Hogan and Allie get in the coffin and are able to make it back. Allie wants to go back, Hogan say no, but Allie yells at her and doesn’t look to be 100% alright have selling her soul.

(transcript from WrestlingINC)

Impact World Championship: (C) Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact – Winner and new Impact World Champion: Johnny Impact