Jeff Jarrett Files Lawsuit Against Anthem Sports

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Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment Inc. have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Anthem Sports and Entertainment alleging the GFW merger never went through and Impact has been wrongfully making money off their IP.

Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained the full lawsuit — which was first reported on by PWInsider — in which Jarrett/GFW claim discussions to merge GFW into Anthem began in December ’16.

In May ’17, the two sides signed a term sheet regarding Jarrett’s employment as Chief Creative Officer of Anthem Wrestling and for the GFW merger. The term sheet, however, allegedly said GFE would retain all rights to the show they filmed called Amped.

Five months later, Jeff Jarrett was released from his position.

As we previously reported, Jarrett was fired from Impact Wrestling while on a leave of absence. The next day a promoter in Canada accused him of passing out in the locker room due to drinking, then insisting on wrestling a match.

Jeff subsequently entered rehab and months later was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In the lawsuit documents, Jarrett and co. claim the merger was never officially completed yet Anthem “reproduced, distributed, publicly displayed, offered for sale, and sold the GFW Amped content without providing any compensation or royalties to GFE or Mr. Jarrett.”

Global Force Entertainment also has an issue with Impact’s Global Wrestling Network, pointing to the similarity of the logos and claiming Anthem doesn’t have a license to show the Amped footage.

GFE is seeking “an award of punitive and/or treble damages for at least three times the amount of Defendants’ profits or GFE’s damages, whichever is greater, due to the nature of Defendants’ wanton and willful conduct.”

They also want all copies of GFW content erased/deleted from Anthem’s archive.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet

Read the full documents below.

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