Kenny Omega And The Young Bucks Tease Potential Match With The New Day On ‘Being The Elite’ (Video)

new day being the elite match teased kenny omega young bucks

WWE’s The New Day appeared alongside Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in the latest episode of Being The Elite … but if that wasn’t enough to work you into a frenzy, a potential wrestling match between the two teams was also teased.

Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods are involved in a standoff with Omega and The Bucks ahead of their Street Fighter V showdown at EC3 at the top of this week’s show.

The most interesting moment happens at the end of the video, however, as Omega touts his victory over New Day and Nick Jackson questions if there’s something “better” they can defeat them at.

“The fans want it.  I know I want it,” Nick tells Kenny and Matt.  “We’re three athletes: think about it.  We can beat them at something else.”

“It would have to be neutral ground,” Kenny responds.

Matt mentions a wrestling match … but the video ends and we’re left hanging!

It’s worth noting Triple H said last week that WWE would be open to inter-promotional opportunities with other companies.  WWE also hyped The Bucks and Omega on their social channels last week.  Is this impossible dream match becoming more probable?

Watch the latest episode of Being The Elite below. The match tease happens in the last minute or so.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet