Jim Cornette Reacts To Success Of ‘All In’ Event And Cody Rhodes Banning Vince Russo

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Jim Cornette talks about the runaway success Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks have had in promoting the All In indie event on his podcast Jim Cornette’s Talking Sense.

Cornette commends them on there success so far in promoting and selling out the event. He listened his previous comments about All In from his podcast.

Cornette says that All In could be the ultimate wrestling crowd funding event ever. He also went on to say that it has made WWE look pretty bad that these guys could do this that quick.

Cornette takes great joy in seeing Vince Russo being barred from All In by Cody Rhodes, who didn’t want him ruining the weekend by merely being present.

You can listen to Cornette’s comments from his podcast below:

(Strong Language Warning)