Son Of Sweet Georgia Brown Refutes Fabulous Moolah Pimp Allegations

sweet georgia brown fabulous moolah pimp allegations refute not true

Fabulous Moolah‘s name was removed from an upcoming match at WrestleMania 34 partly due to online backlash over an article on Sweet Georgia Brown that claimed the WWE Hall of Famer forced her into sex work — but Brown’s son is now saying the allegations are bs.

Michael McCoy was interviewed for a petition attempting to “preserve the correct legacy of The Fabulous Moolah” and he’s adamant she didn’t pimp out his now deceased mother.

For those unaware, an article came out in 2006 on McCoy’s attempt to find his father — who he believes is Buddy Lee, Moolah’s ex-husband/business partner — and Michael’s sister told the publication her mother once revealed she was drugged/raped under their watch and badly beaten if she refused to have sex with men sent to her hotel room.

However … her son says, “I come to say today, that’s not true. That’s not true at all. Especially knowing the Moolah that I had grew to know.”

Adding, “I’m not a fake. I’m not a phony and I’m not fronting today. And nobody is coercing me to say what I’m saying. Moolah did the right thing and she helped my mother.”

McCoy also says his sister didn’t like Moolah and implies that she had an agenda.

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet