Jim Ross Reacts To Strong Style Evolved Commentary Criticism (AUDIO)

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross received some harsh criticism towards his commentary following Strong Style Evolved … but he believes it’s because die-hard fans want Don Callis and Kevin Kelly.

Ross was interviewed by WrestleZone Radio and said:

I read some of the criticisms about my work and the broadcast in general but essentially people want, the die-hards who follow New Japan World, they want their team. They want Kevin Kelly and Don Callis to do the show. I don’t blame them. I don’t even get mad about it. The only thing that gets frustrating is when you’ve got wrestling fans who’ve got like 40 followers on Twitter that tell you, “your career sucks,” and that you should be dead or not allowed to be on television. That’s kind of crude, I think. Does that really feel necessary for not knowing the certain name of a certain hold?

I have a pet peeve about that deal, to be honest with you. A bodyslam is a God damned bodyslam. You can give it 18 different names to sell t-shirts, that’s fine and I don’t care but to me it’s a bodyslam. We find ourselves talking about this variant or that variant and worry about not pissing off the talent because we didn’t give their hold a name or use the name they use in their niche marketing. I find it almost embarrassing to be quite frank about it.

(NJPW talk starts around the 13-minute mark)

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet