WWE Reportedly Interested In Signing Top Impact Star Facing Possible Departure, Note On Contracts

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We noted before how Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III could be leaving Impact Wrestling when their contracts expire soon. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that former World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards may be joining EC3 and Lashley as his contract expires in February 2018.

Regarding contracts moving forward, word is that the company will only be offering the new per-day contracts instead of significant guaranteed money deals, which Lashley, EC3 and Edwards are currently signed to. There’s a good chance these three veterans may be leaving because of this, just like James Storm. Storm recently left the company as he was signed to a high-paying contract that the company did not want to renew as they are looking to stop losing money.

No word yet on Eddie’s future plans but the belief right now is that WWE and ROH do have interest in signing him. WWE’s interest is for the WWE NXT brand, according to The Observer.

Source: WrestlingINC


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  1. […] We noted before that Bobby Lashley, Eddie Edwards and current Impact Grand Champion Ethan Carter III (EC3) could be leaving Impact once their current contracts expire. Like the recent departure of James Storm, these departures would come as Anthem looks to stop losing money. We also noted that WWE does have interest in signing Edwards for the WWE NXT brand. It appears WWE also has interest in Lashley and EC3 as The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that one or both will end up returning to WWE as they are expected to leave Impact when their deals expire. […]

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