Jim Cornette: I’m Not Signed Full-Time With GFW

Image result for Jim Cornette at GFW Destination X

Following last night’s Destination X , Jim Cornette with his Jim Cornette Experience podcast co-host Brian Last to discuss his return to the company.

* Cornette stated he was contacted by Anthem Media recently and was working now directly for them. He is not a member of the roster, and has not signed had not signed anything with GFW (beyond clearances to allow his likeness to be used on TV) and was not interested in working for the company (or any company) full-time.

* He, his wife and his dog knew he was coming in, and some Anthem people but otherwise it was kept quiet.

* Cornette admits that he has had harsh words for GFW, but likes a challenge and Anthem offered him a chance to back up his words

* Cornette wants to right some wrongs, meet with friends and says that the air smells cleaner in the Impact zone these days.

* He will appear on TV “when there is a reason for him to appear.”

* Cornette also said that nothing would change when it comes to his MLW.com podcast or his online store. You can listen to the update below.

Source: 411Mania