GFW Destination X Results: Multiple Surprise Appearances (Video)

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Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim (Unified GFW Knockouts Championship)

At ringside, KM tries to distract Kim right off the bat, doesn’t work, Kim gets control of the match early on with a pin attempt for only a two-count. Sienna heads to the outside to recover, Kim chases after, gets caught, picked up, and dropped on the steel steps. Action back in the ring as Sienna pounds away at Kim, big splash in the corner, pin, two-count. Sienna has all the momentum right now, back-breaker, fall away slam, pin, and another two-count. Both caught on the second rope, Kim with sunset flip powerbomb on Sienna!

Sienna tries for another splash in the corner, misses, Kim with multiple strikes to bring the champion down. Kim up to the top rope, splash, goes for a pin and only two. Kim lands Eat Defeat, but KM distracts the ref, Kim takes down KM and from the crowd shows up Taryn Terrell who takes down Kim! AK-47 by Sienna and she picks up the win.

Winner: Sienna retains by Pinfall

In the ring, Bruce Prichard has the mic and the GFW Championship. He says he’s going to hand the title back to the Champion before El Patron, Lashley. He calls out Lashley and Jim Cornette shows up! Prichard is very confused why Cornette is out here, who responds that GFW called him to help fix things in the company. Prichard says that nobody outranks him and he doesn’t know why he’s out there and asks for security. Prichard wants him out and Jim says he’s arrogant, obnoxious, and people in the company are getting fed up with him. Cornette then says Prichard is fired and has Prichard sent packing as Cornette snatched the title away from him.

Cornette then says Alberto El Patron did not relinquish the title, he was stripped. Cornette says the wrestlers are not going to be giving anything, they have to fight for it and must conduct themselves as professionals in and out of the ring. He then announces a 20-man gauntlet match at next week’s show. LAX heads out to the ring, Konnan is not happy that Low-Ki now has to fight 19 other wrestlers to win the title. Cornette says he feels for Low-Ki and will make him #20 to make up for the change. The group tries to intimidate Cornette, but he lets him know he works for corporate so they can’t touch him and he exits the ring.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Ishimori (Super X Cup Finals)

Winner: Dezmond Xavier wins the 2017 Super X Cup Finals

Backstage, Grado and Joseph Park talk about how Grado is going to say goodbye on next week’s show.

Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Trevor Lee (X-Division Championship Ladder Match)

Dutt goes right after Lee, finishing with a big kick and tossing him by his hair. Lee looks to the ref, “He pulled my hair!” Dutt does it a few more times. Action to the outside as Lee is thrown into the barricade and Dutt spits some water in his face. Lee then shoves Dutt into the barricade before tossing him back in the ring. Action spills back to the outside as Lee tries to bring a ladder into the ring, baseball slide by Dutt sending the ladder right into Lee’s mug. Dutt with a nice springboard moonsault to the floor. Lee thrown back into the ring, he jumps on the apron and lands a huge kick to Dutt’s face. Lee grabs a ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

Dutt yanks Lee off the ladder, gets sent into the turnbuckle, Lee puts the ladder into the corner and chucks Dutt square on the ladder. Lee drops the ladder on Dutt, sets it up, and gets his fingertips on the title. He goes back after Dutt, Dutt off the ropes and Lee hits a nice jumping double stomp sending his opponent hard to the mat. Out comes a table, Lee angles it in the corner, Dutt hits a tornado DDT by jumping off the table. Dutt sets the table up and puts Lee on it, Lee breaks up that plan though. Action spills to the outside, Lee tosses in another ladder, so there’s two ladders and a table set up in the ring. One ladder is hooked into the other one and set on the second rope, Dutt with a splash and there was no give on that move. Dutt heads up to get the title and Caleb Konley shows up and powerbombs Dutt through a table. Petey Williams shows up and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Konley! He then runs out to cheer on Dutt who gets blasted with a ladder and sent back to the outside. Lee climbs the ladder, Dutt springboards up to the ladder, punches Lee off the ladder who crashes down on to that second ladder and is out. Dutt takes the title and wins the match.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt retains the X-Division Title

OVE (Dave and Jake Crist) vs. Zachary Wentz and Jason Cade

Winners: OVE

Lashley vs. Matt Sydal (Winner gets a title shot of their choosing)

Sydal uses his agility and kicks to attempt to chop Lashley down, Lashley with a big shoulder block to drop his opponent. Lashley goes for a powerbomb, Sydal reverses into a pin for a two-count. Another powerbomb attempt, Sydal with a hurricanrana straight into a pin for another two-count. Standing moonsault, Sydal thinks about a pin, but Lashley chucks him to the outside. Lashley with punches to the face before tossing Sydal into the barricade right in front of Lashley’s teammates from American Top Team. Action back in the ring as Lashley looks to have control of this match as he launches Sydal into the corner with force, pin, two.

Lashley goes to work on Sydal, takes a moment to show the ref his boot and get in his face before chopping Sydal in the neck. Lashley cranks Sydal’s neck and pulls off a stalled suplex, even doing it with one arm before dropping Sydal down. Lashley goes for the spear, Sydal moves and hits a spinning kick to stun his opponent. Sydal hits a DDT, pin, two-count. Sydal heads up to the top, Lashley follows him up and tries to hit another suplex, but gets a knee to the head. Sydal with double knees off the top to the chest, pin, two-count. Huge spinebuster by Lashley, pin, two. Powerslam by Lashley, but he just can’t put down Sydal for good. Another power move and Sydal just won’t stay down. Lashley heads to the outside and grabs a chair, the ref attempts to take it away, gets shoved away for a moment, Sydal with a spin kick that sends the chair into Lashley’s face. Sydal with a Shooting Star Press and Lashley gets the knees up, goes for a spear, misses in the corner, Sydal with a roll-up and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Matt Sydal gets a title shot of his choosing

– Post-match, American Top Team jumps the referee! These things happen in pro wrestling. Lashley rushes over to keep his guys calm.

– We go to a promo with John Morrison who says he’s coming to GFW next week and that this is just the beginning.

Source: WrestlingINC


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