Reby Hardy Angrily Responds To Jeff Jarrett’s Recent Broken Universe Agreement Claim

reby hardy matt jeff jarrett broken universe

The “Broken Universe” dispute between Jeff Jarrett and The Hardys isn’t over yet … despite the two sides reaching an agreement last week.

Yesterday in a teleconference call, Jarrett claimed that no deal had been reached with the Hardy family and that GFW still owns The Broken Universe trademark.

Reby Hardy took to Twitter to respond shortly after and said, “I’m going to have to start “clarifying” things by recording phone calls, apparently. Everything out of this loser’s mouth is BS. Why tho ?”

The wife of Matt Hardy continued, “We had agreement terms as of LAST WEEK. Included non-disparagement clause to the tune of 5k every time I tweet something about TNA… …but according to @RealJeffJarrett, there is nothing ? OKAY !”

For now, it appears that the Broken references on Raw this week will remain just that.

Queen Rebecca’s full series of tweets can be read below:

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet