Details On What’s Really Happening With The Broken Universe Trademark

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Ed Nordholm may have publicly said he’s not keeping the Broken Universe from The Hardy Brothers, but the family confirms that’s not the case — he dodged Matt Hardy‘s legal team for over a month as they attempted to come to an agreement over the trademarks.

Sources tell Pro Wrestling Sheet the Hardys hired counsel at the beginning of April with the intention of locking down the trademarks/characters and their lawyers were ignored by Anthem for weeks.

PWS was told Matt wants Impact to sign over any claim they may have to the Broken Universe because The Hardys believe they have ownership rights after creating and funding the inception of it all — long before Anthem purchased the company. In return, his entire family will agree to hold off on suing the company over a litany of alleged claims they have stemming from their time there.

PWS sources say the two sides finally met last week and it had appeared like they’d be resolving the contentious situation — but then Nordholm did an interview with Live Audio Wrestling last night saying they haven’t been in contact and nobody at WWE would even want the characters/trademarks.

PWS reached out to the Hardy Family, who verified that the facts in this story are accurate.

PWS also reached out to Nordholm, who said: “I do not think you have drawn the correct conclusion from what I said in the interview about prior contacts on this; there have been proposals back and forth on this, and WWE has advised me directly that they have no interest in this. As per the interview, we are now and always have been amenable to negotiating an arrangement with the Hardys that respects our investment in this IP.

I have no comment on the Hardy’s legal posturing. Our position is clear.”

Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet