2016 TNA Bound For Glory Results

TNA X-Division Championship: (C) DJ Z vs Trevor Lee – Winner: DJ Z

Bound for Gold Gauntlet Match – winner gets a future TNA Title shot of their choosingJessie Godderz, Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Eli Drake, Robbie E, Baron Dax, Grado, Basile Baruka, Tyrus and Mahabali Shera – Winner: Eli Drake

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett vs Moose – Winner: Moose

TNA Impact Grand Championship (Rule change for a special event made by Billy Corgan. The rounds are 5 minutes rather than 3)Aron Rex vs Eddie Edwards – Round One Scorecard- The 3 judges all score the round 10-9 for Eddie Edwards – Round Two Scorecard- All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Aron Rex – Round Three Scorecard- Judge 1 scores the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Aron Rex. Judge 2 scores the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Eddie Edwards. Judge 3 scores the bout 2 rounds to 1 for Arron Rex – Winner by split decision to become The 1st ever Impact Grand Champion Aron Rex

Gail Kim Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (transcript from WrestlingINC)

Christy Hemme gets in the ring dressed in a gown. She puts over Gail’s toughness, courage, commitment and passion. Hemme credits Kim with helping build The Knockouts division. Christy Hemme then introduces former TNA Knockouts Champ, Taryn Terrell. Taryn calls herself lucky for having Kim as a teacher when she first came into TNA. How she was a novice and Gail showed her the ropes and helped her. Puts Gail over as the greatest female wrestler ever. Introduced next to help induct Gail Kim is Awesome Kong.

Awesome Kong gets a real nice response. Kong talks about how proud she is of Gail and how deserving she is. Tells everyone how much she loves Gail Kim. Next up is Dixie Carter, who doesn’t quite get the warm response that Kong did. Dixie calls this the biggest night in TNA’s history. She lists all of Gail Kim’s title accomplishments in her company. Gail Kim is now introduced. She heads to the ring in an orange gown and kisses her husband at ringside. She then hugs all the women in the ring. The crowd starts a Thank You Kim chant. Before handing over the mic to Gail Kim. Dixie calls TNA’s Knockout Division, the greatest women’s wrestling of all time. She then intros a nice history video piece of Gail Kim’s career. Her peers are in the video complimenting her. The video ends with a list of all of Gail’s accomplishments and congrats from The TNA roster and crew.

Gail Kim gets on the mic. She gets a nice ovation. She says she is not known for her speaking ability so she wrote a speech. Kim talks about her 16 years as a wrestler. How she appreciates all the highs and lows. She talks about how the business exposed all her insecurities but also how it ended up giving her confidence. She thanks all the people that have helped her over the years. She talks about how much she loves her life. She thanks TNA, Dixie, Dutch and Jeff Jarrett for believing in her. She thanks her family. She thanks female wrestlers from the past that helped her like Trish Stratus, Lita and Victoria. She also gives a shout out to Molly Holly. Says that she is the reason that she is in the business and how she taught her how to be a good person. She thanks the fans to end the speech. Dixie presents her with a hall of fame gift. A rolex watch.

TNA Tag Team Championship – The Great War: (C) Decay w/Rosemary vs The Hardy’s w/Reby Hardy – (transcript of the match from WrestlingINC) –

Reby Hardy is on the stage area with a piano. The lights dim in the arena as she starts playing it. Broken Matt appears to the delight of the crowd. Out next is Jeff. He starts singing The “Obsolete” sing. The crowd chants Obsolete during the song. The Hardy’s enter the ring and the crowd chants Delete along with them. Reby joins them. Fans are holding Deleted Section signs in the crowd. Next out are The Decay. Standard entrance by comparison.

The Hardy’s and Decay square off in the ring. The Decay spew mist in Reby’s eyes all at the same time. The action starts. An all out brawl. Tables and other various weapons set around the ring. Rosemary sets up a table on the outside, and her and Steve try to suplex Matt though it but he blocks it. A trash can gets thrown in the ring. Steve uses it on Matt. Rosemary goes to the top rope and in tandem with Steve. She performs a Van Daminator off the top rope and into the trash can and Matt Hardy.

Abyss is now in the ring with Jeff. He’s a stapler and he staples Jeff in the head. The brawl continues on the outside between both teams. Matt and Abyss battle to the back area. They end up in the interview area. Abyss throws Matt through some chairs. Abyss knocks out the ref that was following them. Meanwhile, Jeff and Crazzy Steve are in another part of the arena. Battling near what looks like a construction area. They start using ladders against each other. There is a bucket on the ground that says Lake of Reincarnation on it. It eventually comes into play. Steve pours it on a fallen Jeff and he disappears. Meanwhile, Matt and Abyss are outside battling near Universal Studios Park, I assume….. Now back to Steve and Jeff. Steve is yelling to Jeff to show himself as objects are being thrown at him. Jeff appears and is dressed in some type of Jester type outfit with goggles. He starts speaking in a southern tone and saying that he is Jeff’s friend as he beats on Crazzy Steve. Drops an S bomb in the process of trash talking. Rosemary comes over and slaps Jeff. Jeff puts a pumpkin mask over her head. Rosemary spews mist into Jeff’s face.

Meanwhile, Matt is beating down Abyss and repeatedly yelling delete. They are fighting near a truck. Abyss fights back and starts choking Matt against it. Rosemary comes over and gives Abyss his Barb Wired Bat. All of a sudden, some redneck type character pulls up in a truck. He gets out. He has a Delete shirt on. He tells Abyss that he used his scanner to find them. Rosemary grabs him and throws him into the ground. Back to Jeff and Steve…… Jeff has now transformed into Willow. He beats on Steve…. Back to Matt, Rosemary gets in the pickup truck. Abyss is frightened by Matt, who now has fire in his hands. Matt starts chanting and throws the fire at Abyss’s barbwired bat. As Rosemary goes to drive away, Matt and Abyss are on the back of the pick up truck with her. They are fighting as the car drives down the road. VanGuard One is on he scene and confronts Rosemary. She gets out of the truck. VG1 enters Poison Mist Protocol and blinds her.

Finally a pinfall attempt as Willow gets a 2 count on Crazzy Steve backstage. They start battling back to the ring. Where the hell is Senor Benjamin when you need him?………… Willow gets a ladder and sets it up at ringside. Meanwhile, Matt and Abyss have made their way back to the arena and head to the ringside area.
Abyss suplexes Matt on the rampway. The action heads to the ring. Abyss gets his bag of tacks and sets in on the apron. Jeff is back to being Jeff again or Brother Nero, I forget. Anyway, The Hardy’s do some vintage Hardy tandem moves like Poetry in Motion followed by a twist of fate and senton bomb. The Decay battles back. Steve helps even the odds. Jeff and Steve hit a double clothesline and knock each other down. Abyss goes under the ring and pulls out Barb Wired Boards and throws them into the ring.

Abyss tries to chokeslam Matt through it but he counters. Matt drops all the thumbtacks onto the board and gives Abyss a side effect on it. Matt then sandwiches Abyss between two barb wired boards and drops an elbow on him. Rosemary comes out of nowhere and breaks up the pin attempt. Reby returns and grabs Rosemary and power bombs her off the apron and through a table at ringside. Tables are set in the ring. A giant ladder as well. Matt gets on the mic and instructs Jeff to the top of the ladder. They set Steve on top of two tables. Matt tells Jeff to jump off the ladder and cure his demons forever. Jeff does it and swanton dives onto Steve and pins him.

Winners and new TNA Tag Team Champion The Hardy’s – Post match. The Hardy’s show unity in their title celebration. Reby brings in Maxell. He gets a nice chant from the crowd. The crowd gives the Hardy’s a great ovation after the match.

TNA Knockouts Championship: (C) Maria Kanellis-Bennett w/Allie vs Gail Kim – Winner and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

 Gail celebrates with her family and friends after as Mike Bennett checks on Maria. Bennett grabs the mic and whines about how this was not supposed to go down. Bennett rips on the crowd and says he is shutting this show down and there is no one who can stop me! The lights go out and music plays for the debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes, who make their way to the ring. Cody and Bennett stare each other down in the ring. Loud chant for Cody in Orlando. Maria gets in Cody’s face, but then Brandi gets in Maria’s face. Maria slaps Brandi, but Brandi nails Maria. Cody and Bennett trade strikes, but then Cody wipes him out with Beautiful Disaster! The Bennetts go fleeing as the Rhodes stand tall in the ring.

TNA World Championship – No Holds Barred: (C) Lashley vs EC3 – Winner: Lashley