UFC Veteran Leslie Smith announces She Has A Tumor And Can’t Afford Treatment 

In the world of combat sports more often then not we see our favorite fighters on the sidelines due to injury. As fight fans we know that every time a man or woman steps foot in the cage they are risking life and limbs for our entertainment and for the love of the game.

What some people may forget though is that these tremendous athletes are humans too. Yeah sure some of them may look super human, but they are human no less.

Many people know  Leslie Smith as the girl who’s ear exploded in a fight against Jessica Eye back in November 2014. Despite the shape her ear was in “the peacemaker” wanted to continue against doctors orders but that wasn’t the case.

Aside from that though smith is a decorated fighter in her own right. She’s traded blows with the likes of Raquel Prnnington, Jessamyn Duke, Rin Naki, Jennifer Maia and she was even Chris Cyborg’s first opponent in the UFC.

Today the UFC vet who’s been fighting since 2008 (8-7-1) gave us some disheartening news via MMA LIVE on AXS TV 

“I have a tumor on my stomach. But, I don’t have a way to get that fixed. I don’t have a way to get that taken off because it’s not a fight related issue.

As we know by now, fighters are covered under a medical insurance policy upon signing with the organization. However, it should be noted that the UFC’s current insurance plan for fighters works more as a form of liability insurance that covers the combatants for injuries suffered during fights or training. This is not the kind of medical insurance that an employer would typically provide in the United States, that covers the general health of an individual and in most cases, their families as well

We here at WNB would like to extended our well wishes to Leslie smith. She will be in our prayers. To see Leslie’s announcement skip to the 2:21 mark of the video


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