The General speaks out (Vanessa’s perspective)

  To be honest I never thought I would be writing a piece partaining to this situation but nearly a year later here we are.

Before reading this though you should read Shayna and Jessamyn’s statements about the events first which were released yesterday.

You can do so here

However if you’ve already read their statement you know what this article will contain and as you probably already guest I’m the “super fan turned friend” refered to in the article.

For the people who have been following our site for quite sometime you may recall a time where we did a special show in which I needed prayer, you may also recall me taking a break from the site due to personal issues, and further more if you’re a follower of the site you know myself a long with the rest of them team have tons of love for Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler. Well if you ever wondered why to any of the things listed above this is why.

Now I’m not going to retell the whole entire story because you can read the girls statement for that and quite honestly I don’t want to relive that again.

What I will tell you though are things that happened that weren’t mentioned but I hold near and dear to my heart. (Feel special this is a big deal for me)

As you know we were all waiting for my ride which should’ve been there hours ago. As said in the other article (reefer to above) i insisted to Shayna, Jessamyn and Justin that I was perfectly ok waiting alone but being the awesome people they are they wernt having it.

What wasn’t mentioned that at one point I geeked out over watching the sunset with three bad ass fighters, or that Jessamyn bought me a very berry Hibiscus (my favorite drink from Starbucks) or that Justin gave me some of his food because it was  obvious that I was hungry even though I turned down the offer of said food about three times, or that when it got cold (I didn’t ask for help but received it anyway) in the form of Shayna helping me get my hoodie on. In fact I recall her saying “see arnt your glad we’re here to help”? And boy was I.

Here comes the part that still makes me emotional but also smile like a kid in a candy story. After the incident took place as one could imagine I was pretty distraught. I was sitting in the back of the war wagon (Shayna’s car) crying my eyes out and Jessamyn looks straight at me (bloodied face and all) and says: “hey Vanessa don’t cry. I’d take a baseball bat to the face for you any day and if that’s not love I don’t know what love is” (GUYS THATS LOVE)

The sweetness doesn’t stop there through because both Shayna and Justin also offered words of encouragement that day. I remember crying to justin telling him that I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next because I knew I didn’t want to be where I lived at the time and I continued to tell him that my family situation was a bit complicated to which he apologized saying: “Sorry if we made it worse for you” to which I assured him that wasn’t the case and if anything they made it better. Justin then went on and thanked me for all the support I give and that from this moment on they would have my back.

While still crying, came the last heart to heart of that night and it involved Shayna and I. She was still outside waiting to be questioned by the cops as I sat in her car (which is very comfortable might I add) the window happened to be rolled down and she managed to stick her hand through the open space. She took my hand and looked me square in the eyes and said “hey don’t feel bad about anything that happened tonight none of it is your fault” she then asked me “what’s the number one thing in the Queens Army” to which I replied LOYALTY and her response  was :”that’s right, you’re loyal to me and I’m loyal to you, don’t ever forget that”

In truth I think that day was the day The General was born. I mean sure fellow MMA fans had been calling me that for quite sometime but these events made it official.

In all honesty Jessamyn, Shayna and Justin saved my life that day. They put their lives in danger to defend my honor because let’s be real it could’ve been far worse then it was. Yes it was a shitty situation but it turned out for the better for me and started a friendship that I never dreamed of having.

So next time you wonder why I’m constantly defending these fighters here’s your answer. They’re my heroes.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)