Bully Ray & Velvet Sky Returned To TNA Impact Wrestling

Bully Ray and Velvet Sky both made their return to TNA Impact Wrestling this past Friday on a live episode of Impact on Destination America.

It was good to see them back in TNA. I wasn’t able see Impact Friday because I don’t get Destination America on my cable, but I was able to view the show later over the weekend via On Demand.

Velvet made her return in a segment with her former BFF and partner Angelina Love. Angelina was in the ring running her mouth about how she is the greatest Knockout and how she is the only beautiful person in TNA. Angelina spotted Velvet in the crowd and asks why she is her because she was fired. Velvet had a new biker chick look with purple and red hair. Velvet was just staring at Angelina. Velvet entered the ring. Angelina tried to make nice and hugged her but Velvet wasn’t having any part of it. Angelina then accused Velvet of trying to upstage her and that Velvet is nothing without her. Velvet attacked Angelina choking her with her own hair. Security came in and pulled Velvet off of Angelina.


Billy made his return at the top of the show when Eric Young was in the ring demanding to know who the special guest referee was going to be for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match. Bully’s music hit and he came out and delivered his classic line – “Do you know who I Am.” Bully announced that he is the special guest referee. Later during the main event, EY hit Bully with a low blow then attempted to piledrive him but Bully countered with a back drop. Bully continued to call the match fairly and eventually Kurt Angle locked in the ankle lock on EY making EY tap out. Bully raised Angle’s hand in victory.


I’m looking forward to seeing what plans TNA may have for Velvet going forward. I would like to see more of Bully in TNA but according to PWInsider, Bully’s appearance was a one-off deal and he hasn’t signed a new deal with the company. According to PWInsider, Velvet will be back in TNA on a regular basis.