The Young Bucks On WWE Trademarking ‘Too Sweet’ Hand Gesture

It was reported this week that WWE registered to trademark the NWO/Kliq ‘Too Sweet’ Hand gesture. New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s popular stable The Bullet Club uses the gesture.

The Bullet Club’s, The Young Bucks responded this week on Twitter and again on the microphone after their match at the FWE iPPV in Brooklyn on Wednesday. They cut a promo and said WWE will have to cut their hands off.

Here is some tweets of theirs and one Nick Jackson retweeted:


Many fans last night on Twitter during SmackDown believed that WWE took a shot at The Young Bucks during the Roman Reigns and Mark Henry segment. Henry told Reigns that young bucks like him think they know it all and done it all but haven’t been nowhere.


Sean “X-Pac” Waltman weighed in on WWE trying to trademark the symbol. Here is a exchange he had with Nick of The Young Bucks on Twitter: