Issues With Lucha Underground Broadcast Team


There have reportedly been some issues with the Lucha Underground broadcast team. Vampiro is said to have become a point of frustration with many in the company.

Sources have noted that Matt Striker often will feed Vampiro a line about the style or history of Lucha Libre, which Vampiro will dismiss or sound disinterested with. Vampiro has been criticized for not knowing some basic Lucha moves, as well as confusing babyfaces and heels. Vampiro’s audio track is often censored and requires extensive mixing in post production. A source says that Vampiro routinely uses foul language, which has caused the production team to spend hours adjusting the commentary.

Some in the company feel as if Matt Striker’s efforts are being compromised by Vampiro. It remains to be seen if the company will search for a replacement. Jim Ross was recently rumored to be in talks with Lucha Underground, however he told Raj Giri of that he hadn’t had any talks with the organization.