Is it the Summer of the 4Horsewomen?


It seems like every week there’s some news story involving the 4Horsewomen and the WWE. Like I’ve said before its obvious that the ladies have love and respect for the WWE, and that love is given back to the ladies by quite a few members in the WWE locker room. It’s now being reported via wrestling observer, PWmania. wrestleZone and other various wrestling news sites that a 4Horsewomen appearance can very well be happening in the near future. When I say near I mean like two months from now. Yep it’s being said that the heels of WMMA may have some involvement in WWE’s 2nd biggest PPV of the year “Summerslam”

Given that its Summerslam is being held Los Angeles CA for the 6th straight year and the fact that all of the 4Horsewomen will have a clear schedule (Rousey’s next fight is July, Baszler’s Aug 2nd, Duke just had her fight and same with Shafir) the possibility is not a stretch at all.

So could this be it? The moment us WWE/UFC more specifically 4Horswomen fans have been waiting for? I mean can you imagine Rousey or Baszler cutting a promo with their “entourage” behind them just staring their fo down? Just thinking about it gives me chills.
As far as Summerslam goes it takes place August 17th so there’s still time to set the appearance in stone

As more news comes to surface about this ever growing rumor we here at DTRTwreatling will keep you posted.

-Vanessa (@GreatLove91)