Ed’s Perspective: Ironman Rob Conway – One Class Act!

Rob Conway Talks HPW, Jerry Wilson, and What It Takes To Make It In The Wrestling Business


Earlier this month, Ironman Rob Conway appeared at the March Hoosier Pro Wrestling (HPW) event in Columbus, Indiana and once again showed what a class act he is as a professional wrestler. The audio clip above will help let you know just what kind of person he is.

I always appreciate when someone of his stature will take the time to sit down with me and share from their heart about the business that so many of us enjoy. Rob Conway has appeared at Wrestlemania, and here he was setting  in the locker room taking Indy Wrestling with me.

Notice in the audio, the kind words and admiration that the Ironman has for HPW promoter, Jerry Wilson. Indy promoters should listen to what Conway has to say about what has make Jerry Wilson and thus HPW, the success that has been for the past 16 years.

Conway also shares with young and upcoming wrestlers how to make it in the business and not to give up. He even uses WWE Superstar Hornswoggle, as an example of someone who people would have never given a chance at being a WWE Superstar.

Be watching for video of the Ironman Rob Conway performing in HPW in the days to come.