Total Divas episode 3 (3/30/14) recap


Here’s my recap of this weeks episode of total Divas. I apologize for the cut off my phone is being stupid. What I wanted to say was Natalya calling summer a hooker was a little out of line and she deserved that slap but just not on her own property. Hope you enjoy my video

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RAW Preview

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The last RAW before WrestleMania XXX.

Brock Lesnar fell for the old empty-casket trick last week. When Lesnar gets in the ring with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, he’ll let his fist do all the work for him – all he has to do is survive The Deadman’s final message. What does The Phenom have in store?

Bray Wyatt & his Wyatt Family disgraced John Cena by stringing him up in the ropes last week on RAW & slapping a sheep mask on him. Can Cena find his footing & rally, or is Bray irreparably in his head?

Is Batista losing his cool? The WWE Universe turned against him in droves & a tough match with Sheamus on SmackDown exposed Batista’s frustration. With Daniel Bryan lurking & Triple H gaining steam in his own bid to enter the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match, can The Animal maintain his momentum & fulfill his promise to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

The Shield is set to face Kane & The New Age Outlaws at WrestleMania. The Hounds of Justice has stuck through thick & thin & looks stronger than ever. Can The Shield power their way to their second consecutive WrestleMania victory?

Daniel Bryan wasn’t at RAW last week thanks to injuries from Triple H’s brutal attack, but don’t expect Bryan to sit out this week’s RAW. What final hurdle does Triple H have in store for the thorn in his side that is Daniel Bryan?


WWE Hypes Daniel Bryan Push To WrestleMania Win With New Video

WWE has posted a entertaining video told in animated story fashion. The video lasts 2min+ which gives focus to the reality that the fans ultimately forced WWE to push Daniel Bryan as the top superstar. As we have noted in the past few weeks, the WWE is looking to create a lasting WrestleMania moment worthy of the 30th anniversary. To have the entire crowd chanting “yes” as WrestleMania comes to a close with Daniel Bryan finally on top with the championship. Due to the huge number the WWE is expecting for this year’s event some within the company are hoping for a record of the largest “yes” chant.

The video doesn’t shy away from the truthful elements that surround the Daniel Bryan saga. While doing a decent job of staying within storyline.

Wrestlemania Week is Here – 30 Years of Excellence!

Finally, it is Wrestlemania Week and just like the week before for the Super Bowl, we can look for a great week of excitement. This year should be extra special. 30 years of Wrestlemania, and it’s a good bet that the WWE will not be letting it’s fans down.

After correcting the Daniel Bryan snub fiasco, everything that has come down the pike has been top notch, yeah – even if some aren’t happy that Razor Ramon and not Scott Hall is going into the HOF.

wm30logo.pngI’m gonna break down the remainder of this post into three parts. 1) The WM XXX card; 2) The coverage; and 3) Looking back WM past.

First, the matches that are currently booked for next Sunday night.

  1. Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational
  2. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
  3. The Shield vs Kane and The New Age Outlaws
  4. The Usos vs Los Matadores vs The Real Americans vs Ryback and Curtis Axil
  5. John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
  6. The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
  7. Daniel Bryan vs Triple H
  8. Randy Orton vs Bautista vs The Winner of Bryan and Triple H.

Next, the coverage that will be bringing this week is unprecedented for us. On Radio, we will be doing post show’s for RAW and Smackdown on Monday and Friday. A special mid-week show on Wednesday for any news updates that have come down since RAW. A live Hall of Fame ceremony show on Saturday. And finally, we decided to go head-to-head with the WWE’s pre-show on the night of the big event.

Monday – RAW Post-Show 11:30 pm eastern/10:30 central/8:30 pacific

Wednesday – Midweek Update 10:00 pm eastern/9:00 central/7:00 pacific

Friday – Smackdown Post-Show 10:00 pm eastern/9:00 central/7:00 pacific

Saturday – Live Hall of Fame Ceremony Coverage 9:00 pm eastern/8:00 central/6:00 pacific

Sunday – Wrestlemania XXX Pre-Show 5:00 pm eastern/4:00 central/2:00 pacific

Of course, you can depend on our entire staff to be posting the latest breaking news right here on our website and the flagship for us:

Finally, has a couple of awesome stories up that are great reading. The first one is on the history of Wrestlemania along with a timeline. Click on the picture for a direct link to the timeline.WM Timeline

Then there is a trip down memory lane of the 30 best Wrestlemania matches of all time. We would love you to leave us your #1 WM match of all-time in the comment section below. Here are the Top 5 according to the Staff

  1. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels -The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania
  2. Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage – Wrestlemania III
  3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Rock – Wrestlemania X-Seven
  4. Brett Hart vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – Wrestlemania 13
  5. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels – Wrestlmania XXVI

We hope that you are looking forward to this week as much as we are to covering it. Would you mind doing us a favor. Share this story with all of your wrestling friends. appreciates our loyal and dedicated fans.