TNA Recap: July 11 2013

Bully Ray backstage, Bully said how dare his wife Brooke go out & get engaged. Bully said I understand people feel the need to move on but you move on when I say you move on. Aces & Eights lead by bully Ray came to the ring. Bully talked about Chris Sabin’s opportunity to cash in the X-Division Title for a shot at his World Heavyweight Title. Bully said for Sabin to do himself a favor & don’t trade it in. Bully said you don’t want no part of me, I’m a bad, bad man who does bad things to little people like you. Bully also said that the Aces & Eights are going to be voting for a new VP. Bully said the Aces & Eights say no to the Main Event Mafia challenge for next week. Main Event Mafia came out. Kurt Angle said Bully why don’t you take that challenge as a warning, do you think we picked that date by accident. Angle said next week your defending the World heavyweight Title. Angle said next week the Main Event Mafia will kill 2 birds with 1 stone because we are going to eliminate every member of your gang 1 by 1 & when you defend your Title you are going to be all alone no Aces & Eights. Sting said the newest member of our new family is a heavy hitter & before the end of the night you will find out who he is Bully.

Jeremy Borash & Christy Hemme out on the stage, Christy drew names from a tumbler to reveal the first of 3 Joker’s Wild tag team matches for the BFGS Joker’s Wild Tag Team tournament. The winners will advance to the Gauntlet match where the winner will earn 25 points in the Bound For Glory Series. the first names drawn are Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park to face AJ Styles & Samoa Joe.

BFGS Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament Match: Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park vs AJ Styles & Samoa Joe: Joe made Park tap out. AJ & Joe win to advance to the Gauntlet match.

JB & Christy drew the next names for the tournament. Jay Bradley & Hernandez vs Mr. Anderson & Magnus.

BFGS Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament Match: Jay Bradley & Hernandez vs Mr. Anderson & Magnus: Magnus & Anderson got the win to advance to the Gauntlet.

Austin Aries & Bobby Roode backstage, Aries talked about what happened last week & he told Roode that maybe he should have helped him & things would have been different. Roode said he has problems of his own he is 0-3 in the BFGS. Roode said he needs the 25 points in the Gauntlet match. Daniels & Kazarian walk in & mention that they are the last 2 teams left to wrestle in the tournament. Daniels said Roode & Aries will be their opponents.

JB & Christy draw the last names for the tournament. Daniels & Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode & Kazarian.

BFGS Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament Match: Daniels & Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode & Kazarain: Kazarian pinned Daniels to get the win. Roode & Kazarian advance to the Gauntlet.

Aces & Eights going to go vote for the new VP.

Backstage Hulk Hogan talking to Brooke about the Bully situation. Brooke said tonight she just wants to focus on business & what’s really important to her right now. Hogan said he just wants the truth. Brooke said the truth is this is what she is concerned about her personal life can start when the show ends but right now she doesn’t want to fill her head with more than she can needs to. Hogan said go ahead & take care of business, all of it.

Aces & Eights backstage, Bully said he isn’t voting, he is leaving it up to them to chose. Anderson voted for himself & DOC voted for himself. Wes Briscoe voted for Anderson, Devon voted for DOC, Garett Bischoff voted for Anderson & Taz voted for DOC. Knux had the deciding vote & he voted for Anderson. Anderson is the new VP of Aces & Eights. DOC is upset with the way Knux voted. They all walk off & Knux told DOC that it wasn’t about him it was about the club. DOC told Knux to go on & walk somewhere. Knux said, “Imma pray for you boy.”

Knockouts #1 Contender Ladder Match: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell: Mickie James was sitting at ringside for the match. Gail tied Taryn’s hair to the ring rope & climbed the ladder to retrieve the contract. Gail wins & is now the #1 contender.

Backstage Sting & Kurt Angle talk about Samoa Joe & Magnus & the BFGS. Sting got a phone call from the 5th member of the Mafia.

Backstage Sting on the phone with the 5th member of the Mafia. Sting told Angle that 5th member would be here in a few minutes.

Joker’s Wild Gauntlet Match: AJ Styles, Magnus, Kazarian, Samoa Joe,Mr. Anderson & Bobby Roode: AJ & Magnus started the match. Kazarian was out next. Samoa Joe was next out. AJ eliminated Kazarian. Mr. Anderson was next to join the match. Bobby Roode was the last one out to the match. AJ was eliminated by Anderson. Samoa Joe & Anderson eliminated each other. Magnus pinned Roode to get the win. Magnus picked up a huge 25 points in the BFGS.

Hulk Hogan came to the ring & talked about next weeks Destination X live on Spike TV. Hogan brought out X-Division Champion Chris Sabin to the ring. Hogan called Sabin the greatest. Sabin said his dream is to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Before he could cash in the X-Division belt for a shot at Bully Ray & his World Heavyweight Championship Bully interrupted & came to the ring. Bully told Hogan to tell Brooke that they got unfinished business. Bully told Sabin not to hand over the X-Division Title to Hogan. Bully said he is a bad person & he does bad things. Bully said there is no way in hell a little boy like you(Sabin) could ever defeat a man, a president, a World Champion like me. Sabin told Bully to shut the hell up & reminded Bully that he has beaten him in this ring & that he is the only man to ever kick out of Team 3D’s finisher. Sabin said July 18 Destination X he will beat Bully for the World heavyweight Championship. Bully said for Sabin to not hand Hogan that belt. Sabin said OK & handed the X-Division belt over to Hogan. bully said you just signed your death warrant & you aint just fighting me your fighting my whole family. Bully waved out the Aces & Eights to the ring. The Main Event Mafia came out & Sting said that’s not true it’s going to Sabin vs Bully Ray alone & the Mafia is going to make sure of it. Sting introduced Rampage Jackson as the 5th member of the Main Event Mafia.