It’s A Big Deal – Tonight on IMPACT

So, why is a Knockouts match on IMPACT tonight a big deal? If you are asking that question, you obviously didn’t see the last time that Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell faced each other – so take a look at this.

Are you kidding me????? A bulldog off the ramp onto the floor! Main stream media (if that’s what you consider TMZ) coverage of the aftermath! Major hype from TNA!

And all of this on regular television (not PPV), and not even a Knockouts Title match – it’s a #1 contenders match.

Don’t just take my word – check out this tweet:


Or how about the fact that this past Monday, RAW started the show off with Vickie Guerrero sitting at the top of a ladder. Obviously, WWE is watching what’s happening in TNA, and might I add that they would be wise to watch how that females can do more than just look good and act.

Yes, this match is a BIG DEAL, not just for those of us watching IMPACT tonight, but for Professional Wrestling period!