Viewpoint: Ed’s Take on #Raw1000

After live blogging for 3 hours and 15 minutes last night and having a blast doing it, how do I start with this post. My favorite moment (several), favorite match (again, more than one), biggest surprise (two huge ones, so I don’t know which to choose), best segment (it would be easy to say the entire show). So where do I go?

How about THANK YOU WWE and your entire staff, AND THANK YOU Mr. McMahon for what you did for us – the fans of the WWE Universe!

Check out how The Boss opened the show. And for everyone who thinks he is arrogant and cocky, this may shock you. How could Vince have been more humble than this:

Trevor has already hit on these two shockers – #Raw1000 Shockers: AJ Named Raw GM (@WWEAJLee) and #Raw1000 Shockers: C.M. Punk Turns Heel, WWE Universe Filled With Shock, Anger (VIDEO) (@CMPUNK) so I want to hit on three parts of the show that I think will go down in my own personal #Raw1000 memory bank.

First, is the DX reunion (PG Version). Of course it was great when HHH and HBK came out, but I really popped loud when HHH said, “Didn’t there used to be more of us”? Out comes The Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac and the band was back together. Check it out here:

Next let me share with you the Legends moment of the night where Lita was Heath Slater’s opponent but after Slater got a little over confident – she brings out the APA, yes Ron Simmons and JBL. That sent Slater headed back up the ramp but then, blearing from the speakers comes the words, “Whhhhhaaattttt A Rush”, that’s right Road Warrior Animal and ALL the Legends that have had a part in the weekly Heath Slater beat downs come down the ramp and throw Slater back into the ring. Aww heck, the video says it way better than I can so I will end this part with ONE word, Ron Simmons style – DAMN!!!!

Ok I do have to add, didn’t Lita look awesome with the Twist of Fate and the Moonsault from the top rope.

Finally, I loved the HHH/Brock Lesnar segment, and it may have been Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon who stole the segment, that and HHH clotheslining Lesnar over the top rope and out of the ring.

Ok, I can’t keep it to just three – I’ve got to include the “cold chill” moment of the night – the reunion of the Brothers of Destruction, The Undertaker and Kane.

So many more great moments that you can go see here at WWE’s Official YouTube Destination.

Again, THANK YOU WWE for an awesome night at #Raw1000.