#Raw1000 Shockers: AJ Named Raw GM (@WWEAJLee)

With all the media attention on Raw’s 1000th episode Monday night the fact that the folks in charge of creative were able to keep this from getting out should be applauded! The WWE Universe and AJ fans were in for a real surprise when it came time for the highly anticipated wedding between Daniel Bryan and AJ.

For all the hype fans were still left in the dark with little to no hints as to how the segment would turn out. It was clear to us as we’re sure it was to the WWE creative team that the WWE Universe did not want to see the couple wed.

After a long troubled relationship with Bryan AJ fans were eager to see something good happen to AJ and wow did the WWE deliver. During their vows AJ did anwser yes but not for the reason you would think.

We found out that earlier in the evening AJ was offered another proposal but not the kind you would think. It turned out to be a major business proposal from the boss himself Mr. McMahon. AJ was named the new general manager of Raw beginning next week.

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