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2:17pm EST

Is THIS the new Raw theme song? Or perhaps a special wedding song performance for tonight’s wedding between AJ & Daniel Bryan?

Remember we reported earlier that the rock band “Green Day” is in St. Louis staying at one of the hotels the WWE superstars are staying. This new single “Oh Love” was just posted on July 16th!

2:13pm EST

2:03pm EST

WWE is expected to debut a new theme song for Raw tonight. Ditching the popular “Burn it to the ground” by rock group “Nickelback”. No word on what the new theme song will be at this time.

Here it is for the last time!

1:45PM EST

WWE publicist Joe Villa sums it all up “The madness before Raw 1000”. Sends TOUT from backstage at scottrade arena in St. Louis

1:08pm EST

REPORT BREAKING: First look at the NEW Raw logo?
update: 1:32pm EST *CONFIRMED

12:58pm EST

PWMANIA.COM / Andy Steven

Earlier this morning reports circulated that there was an incident at the St. Louis airport between CM Punk and a fan. Punk refused to sign an autograph for the fan, who was said to have been rude which led to Punk throwing a fan’s autograph book in the trash, which prompted airport police to intervene. Punk responded to the incident on his Twitter, stating that the fan exhibited “unacceptable behavior.”
“One person ruins it for everybody. Sorry y’all,” Punk wrote. ” This is for all the respectful fans I saw at the airport. Right on. Thanks.”
When a fan implied that he may be getting a big head, Punk replied, “Nah. Just don’t like rude people.”

12:41PM EST


12:07PM EST

USA Today has an article promoting Raw’s 1000th episode in it they talk to AJ about the wedding storyline and much more

It sounds like an episode of Glee: An on-again, off-again couple finally decide to get engaged, and two separate dance numbers — one involving a disco ball — break out amid a heap of betrayal, wars of words and a few sneak attacks… The tattooed WWE champion CM Punk will defend his title against John Cena, the square-jawed face of the organization, in a battle of fan favorites, and there will be a “wedding” of that engaged couple, Daniel Bryan and his eccentric tomboy girlfriend AJ Lee.

On social media as well as in arenas, Lee is one of the most popular of the WWE’s female “Divas” and a rising star from a current love-triangle angle involving her “crazy chick” character, Bryan and Punk. (The spunky and diminutive Lee, who comes across as shy off-screen, also laid a big wet smooch on the much-larger Jacobs one night to make it a love rhombus for a time.) “I love the in-ring work, but as a fan I love the dramatic stuff more than anything,” says Lee, a self-admitted “nerd” who hopes to inspire little girls the same way WWE women did for her when she was 12. “This day and age, there needs to be a girl who’s not wearing as much makeup and isn’t that pampered-up and fancy. There’s a place for that, but there’s also a place for a girl I think fans want to hang out with and see themselves in.”

Read the entire article here

11:47AM EST

variety is running an article to promote tonight’s 1000th episode of Raw. In it Stephanie McMahon explains how the WWE plans to keep viewers attention for three hours with Raw’s new start time beginning tonight.

“We’re going to use social media in a more enhanced fashion,” besides just promotion, Stephanie McMahon Levesque, executive VP, creative for WWE, told Variety. “Our fans will affect some type of content in the show every week.”

Doing so “keeps your audience tuned into the broadcast for the entire three hours,” she believes. And if it works, the move could pave the way for other shows considering ways to keep distracted auds from changing channels.

Read full article here

11:38AM EST

The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool were on a flight to St. Louis this morning.

There are reports that the rock band “Green Day” are staying at one of the WWE hotels in ST. Louis

11:12 AM EST

TheRock Dwayne Johnson
Wheels up. St Louis we’re coming to electrify.. ~ Team Bring It #RAW1000 pic.twitter.com/qdbFneZP

2:07AM EST

We’ve been seeing conflicting reports regarding the current status of the AJ/Bryan wedding segment. A few sources are reporting that due to some big name appearances the wedding segment may be shortened to accommodate. Segments are expected to have final review in the early AM apparently. We’ll keep you posted if anything credible develops.

2:00AM EST

AJ sends out a late night tweet



Superstars took to Twitter as the time draws closer to tonight’s event. Yesterday AJ tweeted about her last night to”sew my wild oats” and John Cena replied with a suggestion



1:28AM EST

Heath Slater sent out a message on TOUT warning WWE legends that he is coming after each and every one of them tonight.


1:14AM EST

wrestlingnewssource.com has obtained the following photo of WWE Hall Of Famer Mae Young arriving in St. Louis

12:54AM EST

Several sources are reporting that numerous WWE personalities have already made their way to St. Louis. The WWE superstars are currently staying at two separate hotels. One the Marriott and the other the Ritz-Carlton.

Currently we can confirm that the following WWE Superstars are currently in St. Louis. We must stress that this is NOT a full list just one’s that can be confirmed. Nor can we confirm which talent will be participating in tonight’s celebration other then those previously promoted.

X Pac,
Bret Hart,
Billy Gunn,
Kelly Kelly,
The Rock,
Road Warrior Animal,
Mae Young,
Mick Foley,
Booker T,
CM Punk,
John Cena,
Jim Ross,
Mean Gene Okerland,
Michael Hayes,
Paul Heyman,
Arn Anderson,
Vince McMahon,
Jerry Lawler,
Michael Cole,
Ricardo & Alberto Del Rio,
Titus O’Neill,
Kofi Kingston,
Daniel Bryan,
David Otunga,
Stephanie Mcmahon,
Triple H ,
Shawn Michaels,
Machine Gun Kelly,
Billy Kidman,
Dean Malenko,
Sid Vicious,
Jim Duggan,
Eve Torres,
Lillian Garcia,
Michael McGuillcutty,
Brock Lesnar
Vickie Guerrero,
William Regal.