Nick Khan Open To Third Hour Of WWE SmackDown, RAW Moving Nights

As the merger between WWE and UFC finalizes, and WWE signs new television deals for “WWE Raw” and “WWE SmackDown” in the coming months, some major changes could possibly be in store for the company. According to WWE CEO Nick Khan, speaking at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media & Communications Conference, those changes could include an extra hour of “SmackDown,” or “Raw” ending up on a night other than Monday.

“We’re still open to a third [hour] of ‘SmackDown,'” Khan said, responding to a question about WWE’s ability to offer flexibility for its broadcast partners. The CEO stated that the deal they made with Fox several years ago was for a two-hour primetime show, but now companies like Amazon are looking to program entire nights of the week. Khan also mentioned the possibility of moving nights, adding another way WWE can accommodate possible broadcast or streaming partners.

Later on in the discussion, Khan went as far as bringing up the possibility of WWE adding another show. Responding to a question about appealing to different demographics, Khan discussed the possibility of the third hour of “Raw” becoming more adult-oriented, and brought up the possibility of WWE introducing content on a new night that might be catered to a different audience.

Once the impending merger is finalized, the combined WWE-UFC company will be referred to as TKO, standing for “technical knockout.” By that time, WWE will have signed new TV deals, and it’s very possible that the landscape of “Raw” and “SmackDown” look very different.

Source: Wrestling Inc.


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