Earl Hebner Reveals Daughter Katie Has Signed With AEW As A Referee

Earl Hebner, the iconic referee who called the infamous Montreal Screwjob, has announced that his daughter Katie will soon be following in his footsteps.

During a recent appearance on the “Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw” podcast, Earl announced that his daughter will be working as a referee for AEW very soon.

Katie Hebner will travel down to Florida to referee some matches at an upcoming TV taping, her father confirmed.

The younger Hebner had initially hoped to become a wrestler before a cracked bone in her back derailed those plans. Earl added,

“I wanted her to be a referee to begin with, but everybody wants to do their own thing. It’s fine with me, whatever she wants [to do], what makes her happy. So, if it works out, we’ll have another Hebner in the business.”

While Earl said his daughter has come to a deal with AEW, it is unclear which show she will be appearing on.

Source: eWrestlingNews