Mercedes Mone Signs Contract Extension With NJPW/STARDOM – UPDATED Information

Mayu Iwatani defeated Mercedes Moné to win the IWGP Women’s Championship in the penultimate match at STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom.

While Mone isn’t the IWGP Women’s Champion anymore, she will stay with NJPW and STARDOM for the immediate future.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Mone signed a contract extension with Bushiroad ahead of her title defense at STARDOM All-Star Grand Queendom. It’s unknown how long the contract extension is.

Following her loss at All-Star Grand Queendom, Mone announced that she will appear at NJPW Resurgence on May 21st in Los Angeles, CA.

Source: eWrestlingNews


New information suggests that Moné’s extension may be short-term instead of long-term.

Fightful Select has learned from people in Mone’s camp that the former IWGP Women’s Champion has no more dates with Stardom, and only one more date with NJPW, scheduled to be the Resurgence event in Long Beach, California on May 21. While future dates for NJPW in Japan weren’t dismissed, it was noted that none were planned as of now, which would effectively make Moné a free agent following her Resurgence appearance.

Despite that, things appear to be rosy between Moné and the Bushiroad promotions, with both sides being open to doing business again in the future. Those in Stardom, in particular, appear to be thrilled with Moné’s recent work with Mayu Iwatani in the promotion and believe Mone helped boost Stardom’s business. Due to that, however, it’s expected that a “bigger renegotiation” would be required to obtain Moné’s services for her to appear in Stardom again.

As has been the case after previous reports of Moné’s contract status with Bushiroad, speculation will now turn to where she could wind up following her Resurgence appearance, with WWE (where she worked as Sasha Banks for over a decade) and AEW serving as the leading candidates. Whether Moné would entertain joining either promotion is unknown, as it was noted she is currently working on TV and film projects, in addition to her wrestling commitments.

Source: Wrestling Inc.