STARDOM Turned Down Signing Trinity Fatu Due To Financial Reasons

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple to various degrees throughout the professional wrestling industry. While promotions in the United States have largely returned to business as usual, those in Japan have seen things move along a bit more slowly. There were still a number of restrictions in place in recent months, and, as a result, Bushiroad — the parent company of both New Japan Pro-Wrestling and STARDOM — has had to navigate a tough road in recovering from the financial hits taken by the wrestling arm of the company, even as both promotions have grown. Because of the financial strain, both NJPW and STARDOM have been under pressure to keep costs down. That’s led to each passing on some opportunities that may have brought more eyes to the Japanese wrestling product. 

Per the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Trinity Fatu — formerly known during her time in WWE as Naomi — was there for the getting. With her former tag team partner Sasha Banks, who now goes by the moniker Mercedes Mone, carving her path to Japan, there was a chance for Fatu to join her. It appears as if feelers were put out to indicate her willingness to head overseas to re-enter the squared circle. However, Bushiroad felt it’d cost too much and, because of their money situation, ultimately passed on making such a deal — at least thus far.

Fatu has been out of action since she and Banks walked out of WWE over creative differences and were indefinitely suspended, never to return to this point. Fatu did make the trip to Wrestle Kingdom 17 in January to support her former partner as she made her NJPW debut and recently she was backstage at Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor over WrestleMania weekend. While doing other things, she has remained within reach of the wrestling business if the right situation presented itself for her to make a return. However, that has yet to materialize yet since she has become a free agent.

Source: Wrestling Inc.