Report: AEW Made Decision To Bring Back CM Punk “Many Weeks Ago”

The decision for CM Punk to return to All Elite Wrestling was reportedly made by Tony Khan many weeks ago.

Last week, it was reported that Punk’s return to the promotion is being “tentatively planned,” seven months after his comments at All Out 2022.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the decision to bring Punk back was made “many weeks ago,” and that a ‘snag‘ two weeks ago has been worked out.

Last month, Punk shared a fiery post on Instagram, alleging that the company had pressured him to compete last year when not medically cleared.

Punk also claimed that Jon Moxley had refused to lose to him and branded Chris Jericho a “liar” and a “stooge” in the deleted post.

It is believed that Punk will make his return to AEW on the June 17, 2023, episode of TV, which is believed to be the premiere of the rumored AEW Saturday show.

Source: eWrestlingNews