Big E Gives Injury Update Following One-Year Scan

Big E is about to have a check-up to see how his recovery is going after he suffered a neck injury when he landed on his head following a belly-to-belly suplex from Ridge Holland on an episode of WWE SmackDown in 2022. The New Day member fractured his C1 vertebrae and C6 vertebrae.

Speaking on the Battleground podcast, Big E discussed his current condition:

“It’s just a complicated fracture. I broke my C1 and C2 in two places, a Jefferson fracture is what it’s called. It just takes a little more time to heal. We just did the one-year scans after WrestleMania, it was a little later because of WrestleMania.

“We need to sit down with the doctors at some point and figure out what the next step is. From my perspective, I feel great, I have no function issues, no pain issues, I’ve been in the gym since two weeks after I broke my neck. I’m feeling great. Obviously, your neck has to be in a certain condition to deal with the rigors of being in the ring on a nightly basis.”

Source: eWrestlingNews