Jeff Jarrett Provides Update On Future AEW House Shows And Summer Plans

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW personality Jeff Jarrett recently spoke on his podcast, “My World with Jeff Jarrett,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including an update on more AEW house shows coming up:

Conrad Thompson told Jarrett: “Well, we also know that you guys are back on tour. You got upcoming dates in Pittsburgh, Sunrise FL, Baltimore, Detroit, Austin TX. You got the big Double or Nothing loop for Las Vegas. The rumor and innuendo is that there might even be some more house shows coming up. Is that right?”

Jarrett said, “We’re off and running. We hit Corbin Kentucky and Salem Virginia, which is right outside of Roanoke. So yeah, we’ve got those two House Rules events coming up. Lots of buzz going on right now around AEW and the ups and downs and everything in between. But yes, Troy OH, was the first House Rules event, and, you know, Salem, and Corbin, Kentucky, so we’re moving over into a different part of the country. Our next two events are going to be near and dear to both of our hearts, but we’ll see how that goes. So, you know, at some point we’re going to get out to the Midwest and Texas and probably out West. The Carolinas are a hotbed that we’re looking at, obviously Florida, and then it goes without saying, the Northeast, There are many, many markets in the Northeast that House Rules would fit. So we’re excited. We’re also talking to some Canadian partners from coast to coast. AEW has a monster summer planned for Canada. I mean, a monster summer. Things are rocking, pal. My day job is keeping me busy in so many ways.”

Source: PWMania

You can listen to the complete podcast below: