Warner Bros. Discovery Has Reportedly Been Told That CM Punk Is Returning To AEW, Reportedly Planning A Program Between Punk & Chris Jericho

Reportedly Planning A Program Between CM Punk And Chris Jericho

CM Punk hasn’t been seen on AEW programming since September’s All Out pay-per-view, where he tore his triceps while reclaiming the AEW World Championship, unloaded his feelings in the post-show media scrum, and reportedly got into a physical altercation with the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega to cap off the eventful evening. Though it seemed, for a time, that AEW and Punk would part ways, the evidence is mounting that the former world champion is preparing to stage a comeback within the next couple of months. On the latest “Wrestling Observer Live,” host Andrew Zarian revealed that Warner Bros. Discovery has been told a Punk return is coming.

“The story here is that CM Punk is essentially happening,” Zarian said. “I know for a fact that Warner has been told he is coming back. They are very much aware of the situation.” Zarian went on to state that talks between Punk and the Elite have yet to take place, with Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks particularly reluctant to work with the former WWE star.

It was reiterated that the rumored Saturday night show that AEW is expected to introduce in the coming months will showcase Punk’s comeback, with the company’s recently scheduled Chicago event on June 17 being eyed as both the show’s debut and Punk’s grand return. The new series will reportedly involve some kind of roster split for the company, though it’s still unknown just how strict these divisions will be. According to Zarian, the company is hoping to launch the new series as a top show on or near the same level as “AEW Dynamite.”

Reportedly Planning A Program Between CM Punk And Chris Jericho

The wheels appear to be in motion for CM Punk’s return to AEW in the coming months. And while reports had indicated that there were sentiments throughout the locker room that did not want him back in the fold, it may be one of the backstage leaders — and one of Punk’s most outspoken critics — who ends up in a program with him: Chris Jericho. 

As shared via “Wrestling Observer Live,” a sit-down was set to take place involving Punk, Jericho, AEW owner Tony Khan, FTR, and several others. There has been no word yet on if The Elite would participate, as they’ve reportedly been reluctant on working together with Punk in the future. However, if everyone is able to get on a similar page to make things work, one of Punk’s first angles upon coming back would then be with Jericho in some capacity. FTR — who has been pushing to do a program with Punk, specifically for All In — and other members of the Jericho Appreciation Society could get involved as things expand, but at its baseline, it’s lining up as Punk vs. Jericho. 

The bad blood between Punk and Jericho ratcheted back up last month when Punk singled Jericho out in particular in a since-deleted Instagram post. Since then, Jericho has given some winks on social media that he’s not down to work with Punk if a return should happen. However, it is entirely possible that such an approach was taken by “Le Champion” in order to stoke the fires of interest toward a big-money feud in the planning stages.

Source: Wrestling Inc.