Vickie Guerrero Releases Legal Letter Regarding Allegations Made By Her Daughter

The Guerrero family issues continue to spill out in public.

As noted, Eddie and Vickie Guerrero’s youngest daughter Sherilyn accused Vickie’s current husband, Kris Benson, of sexually assaulting her during a cruise in early 2020 in a TikTok video.

Shaul, Sherilyn’s sister, also claimed that the sexual assault occurred.

On Wednesday, Vickie released the following legal letter via her official Instagram page.

April 12, 2023

Kris and Vickie Benson Respond to Sherilyn Guerrero’s Recent Allegations

Kris and Vickie Benson vehemently deny Sherilyn Guerrero’s recent allegations of sexual assault and abandonment. Ms. Guerrero’s unsubstantiated accusations have caused the Bensons to suffer public ridicule, scorn, derision, and humiliation. Kris and Vickie fully appreciate the seriousness of allegations of this nature and the need for public support of sexual assault survivors; however, they ask that you withhold final judgment on this matter until they have an opportunity to bring Ms. Guerrero and her claims into a court of law where judgment is based on facts and merit.


Reese Campbell
Attorney for Kris and Vicki Benson
EaDo Law, PLLC
Houston, Texas (713) 424-6653