Matt Hardy Provides Update On Jeff Hardy’s Return To AEW

Jeff Hardy has been absent from All Elite Wrestling since June of last year due to his DUI arrest. In February, Jeff pleaded no contest in his DUI case. He has since been out of action recuperating after undergoing eye surgery.

Matt Hardy, his brother, expressed his desire to see Jeff return to the ring once he has recovered from his surgery.

Sharing details regarding his brother’s eye surgery, Matt Hardy said,

“Jeff just had some eye surgery. His eyes were just a little off set, it’s just probably from wear and tear and beating his body up. They had to work on some ligaments and tendons in one of his eyes. So, they corrected that [with] surgery and they said probably in five, six weeks, he should be okay.”

Matt then expressed hope that Jeff will soon return to AEW after putting his legal troubles behind him and proceeded to provide a timeline as to when Jeff might return to AEW. He said,

“So, I’m hoping after that, now that he’s kind of putting this whole situation behind him, that we’ll see him back around soon. I’m hoping so, man. You guys keep your fingers crossed. Maybe six, eight weeks from now, hopefully we can see some Jeff Hardy on AEW.”

Jeff Hardy was suspended indefinitely without pay following his DUI arrest last summer, and Tony Khan emphasized that Jeff can only return to AEW upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety.

Source: eWrestlingNews