Talent Morale Sinking Backstage In WWE, Reaction To Vince McMahon, RAW Changes

There were some big changes made to both WrestleMania 39 and Monday night’s episode of RAW.

Fightful Select is reporting that talent morale took a huge blow backstage Monday night on RAW. Many talents were frustrated after noticing how firmly Vince McMahon was back in control of WWE creative, especially considering that Triple H and Nick Khan held a meeting immediately before RAW promising that nothing would be changing.

Vince McMahon rewriting RAW before the show went live and even while it was airing, as well as being in gorilla position all night and having his own office at the venue struck fear in the heart of the locker room.

Some talent didn’t even necessarily consider that the creative decisions were poor, just that the whole matter was handled dishonestly after what Triple H had informed talent at the meeting, and that McMahon has a dirty history of firing so many wrestlers on the current roster.

Female talent grew increasingly demoralized and frustrated after WWE scrapped the mini-tournament to determine the #1 contender to the RAW Women’s Title. Many resented Vince McMahon’s return to creative considering how smoothly the past several months have been under Triple H.

Omos vs. Elias was a last-minute addition, as Omos wasn’t even planning on wrestling and was in catering and scrambled to get his ring gear ready.

The Cody Rhodes – Brock Lesnar tag team angle was finalized on Monday morning.

The report suggests that talent morale hit its lowest point since before WrestleMania 38 when it reached near all-time lows. Some talent opined that WrestleMania weekend was a passage for Vince McMahon to get himself back in control, with Friday’s SmackDown after WrestleMania already being eyed as a crucial event to determine how involved McMahon was at RAW and whether his involvement was a one-off scenario or the new normal.

At least two top WWE Superstars cited that they might request their releases if things continue like Monday. Many wrestlers are already looking into their options if Vince McMahon does indeed continue to be heavily involved with respect to the creative and overall WWE product.

Source: eWrestlingNews