Tony Khan Refuses Comment Once Again On CM Punk’s AEW Status

After what seemed like a long silence, the situation between AEW and CM Punk returned to the news cycle in full force over the last week, after a message board post led to a since-deleted Instagram story by Punk that may have likely hurt his chances of returning to AEW. However, with Punk still recovering from injury, there is still time before AEW owner Tony Khan will have to make a decision on whether to bring Punk back, let him go, or find an alternate solution.

Till that time comes, the future of Punk in AEW will continue to be a topic Khan gets asked about, much like he has ever since the media scrum incident following All Out in September that began this whole situation. And Khan was indeed asked about Punk while speaking with talkSPORT, and for those who have followed Khan throughout this, the song remained the same regarding his answer. “I cannot comment on that,” Khan said.

Khan was a good sport about the question, however, realizing that these questions won’t stop until something regarding Punk’s future is decided. So he followed up the question with a joke that many will likely see as a shot at one of Khan’s nemeses, journalist and sometimes WWE correspondent Ariel Helwani, who repeatedly asked Khan about Punk, to no avail, in an interview between the two last October. “Well better to ask once than seven times in a row after I ‘no comment,'” Khan said. “Who would do that?”

Source: Wrestling Inc.