Latest On Behind The Scenes Morale In WWE

According to a report from PWInsider in their Elite subscription based section, the mood backstage within WWE has begun to change as Vince McMahon continues on seeking a buyer for the company. It was also noted in the report the uncertainty of what a sale will mean has led to “waning morale.”

The report further indicates that everyone being on eggshells has started to return and that the “unbridled energy” Triple H has brought since taking over creative, is beginning to fade.

PWInsider’s Elite report concluded by saying they do not hear that wrestlers are walking on eggshells or that the unbridled energy for them is fading. It seems more from those that are working backstage. It was also noted that it is not as terrible as things once were, there is a sense of the energy waning because when WWE gets sold, it certainly means that changes will happen.

Source: WrestleView