Positive Health Update On Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

On January 17, Jamin Pugh, known to fans as Jay Briscoe, tragically passed away in a car accident that shook the wrestling world down to its very core. Fortunately, his daughters, who were also in the vehicle, survived the accident. However, both of them sustained life-altering injuries.

We now have a positive medical update on Jay Briscoe’s daughters, Jayleigh and Gracie.

Update on Jayleigh: “JJ, Briscoe’s nine-year old daughter was officially released from the hospital yesterday and is back home. She will have to wear her neck and back brace for four more weeks, at which point she will then return to the hospital to have her back brace surgically removed. She will obviously need continued physical therapy as she recovers but she was able to return home last night.”

Update on Gracie: Gracie, Briscoe’s twelve-year old daughter, will be moved to the rehab floor of the hospital so that she can focus more on physical therapy towards regaining use of her legs below the knee. She has feeling in her legs but is still unable to move them below the knees. She noted to her sister that her leg, which has felt as if its tingling nonstop, ‘felt normal’ last night.”

We wish Jayleigh and Gracie the best on their road to recovery.

Source: eWrestlingNews