Warner Bros. Discovery Reportedly Banned The Briscoes For More Than Jay’s Offensive Slurs

Mark Briscoe appeared on “AEW Dynamite” this past Wednesday and took on Jay Lethal to honor the memory of Jay Briscoe, who passed away earlier this month. However, Tony Khan confirmed that he “fought hard” to get Mark on the show as Warner Bros. Discovery executives previously banned them from appearing on AEW programming on TBS and TNT. Furthermore, their reasons for doing so were reportedly two-fold.

Previously, it was noted that WBD had a problem with Jay’s homophobic tweet from 2013, for which he apologized several times in the years that followed. At first, it was assumed that Mark had been banned because he was associated with his brother, but the latest edition of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” reported that WBD executives had issues with the Briscoes for wearing the Confederate Flag on their gear in the past.

Per the “WON” article, this is why AEW wasn’t allowed to host a tribute show for Jay on TBS or TNT following his death. AEW’s deal with WBD means that the media company has the power to ban anyone from AEW programming, so the situation was out of Khan’s hands until he convinced the relevant executives to reconsider.

It now seems that WBD has relaxed its stance regarding Mark Briscoe showing up on AEW television. Earlier this week, it was revealed that he’s been given the green light to appear on AEW television going forward. Meanwhile, the latest episode of “Dynamite” featured a tribute video for Jay and discussions about his career from the show’s commentary team.

Source: Wrestling Inc.