WWE Official ‘Confident’ About Naomi’s Return

Naomi and Mercedes Mone walked out of the May 16th, 2022 episode of Monday Night RAW over a creative dispute with Vince McMahon. Naomi and Mone were suspended indefinitely and WWE hasn’t advertised or mentioned them ever since.

According to a report from Fightful Select, a particular higher-up in WWE is of the opinion that there have been discussions between Naomi and WWE, and the company is “confident” about The Glow returning to WWE although no timetable has been listed as of yet.

Naomi’s WWE contract was on the verge of expiration at the time she walked out of RAW. Both parties were reportedly interested in extending the deal.

The report further suggests that Naomi was in line to receive the biggest money contract of her career before things went downhill. In September, Naomi was reported to have maintained positive contact with WWE.

Source: eWrestlingNews


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