Vince McMahon Sued By Detroit’s Police And Fire Retirement System

Given the aggressive, and controversial, nature in which Vince McMahon reassumed control of WWE over the past week and a half, the idea that lawsuits would be filed against him was all but a certainty. Before this morning, McMahon had one lawsuit to deal with, from a shareholder in Delaware, and the likelihood of an older lawsuit, filed in June before McMahon’s initial retirement, re-emerging. Now it appears he’ll have to deal with a third one.

Sportico is reporting that Detroit’s Police and Fire Retirement System has sued McMahon in an attempt to block McMahon from regaining control of WWE, and to prevent “expediting a sale.” A request was also made to issue the complaint as a class action lawsuit, which Sportico noted could potentially slow the process of a sale, should this complaint gain steam in the courts.

The lawsuit, which was noted to be similar to the one followed by the Deleware shareholder just last week, argues that McMahon “breached fiduciary duties as controlling stockholder,” citing his power play to return to the WWE Board of Directors and his rewriting of WWE bylaws. The complaint further argued that McMahon’s rewriting of WWE bylaws could hamstring the Board from making critical decisions.

It’s unclear how much, if any, effect, this will have on McMahon, who appears to be undeterred in his return to regain full control of WWE. Reports have suggested that McMahon has already returned to WWE offices at Titan Towers and has been in contact with several WWE departments. As of this writing, he has yet to resume his role running WWE creative, with current WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H assuring WWE talent in two separate meetings that he maintains creative control, for the time being.

Source: Wrestling Inc.