Details On Matt Riddle’s Reported Suspension From WWE

After Solo Sikoa attacked Matt Riddle on the December 5 episode of “WWE Raw,” WWE announced Riddle would be out of action for six weeks to recover from his storyline injuries. As previously reported by, the injury angle was done because Riddle failed another drug test and would be going to rehab as a result. In the midst of these allegations, however, the fact that WWE didn’t publicly announce either reported suspension has led to Dave Meltzer questioning WWE’s wellness policy in a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The first failed drug test was said to have occurred over the summer, while Riddle was feuding with Seth Rollins. WWE pulled Riddle vs. Rollins from SummerSlam and cited “creative adjustments,” delaying the match until Clash at the Castle in September. Meltzer pointed out that Riddle wasn’t gone for a full 30 days during his initial absence between July 25 and August 20, and regarding Riddle’s current absence, Meltzer noted that six weeks does not equate to the standard 60-day suspension for a second violation of the WWE wellness policy. Ultimately, Meltzer speculates that “either WWE has secretly changed its policy or something doesn’t add up.”

WWE officials did not comment to the Observer on a change in policy, nor did they deny the story being inaccurate. However, it’s believed internally amongst talent that WWE wrote Riddle off for six weeks so he could go to rehab. However, one source told Meltzer that Riddle was taking time off “​​because of pressure of going through a divorce” while denying the suspension allegations. Other sources closest to Riddle did not respond to the Observer’s request for comment.

Source: Wrestling Inc.