Internal WWE Reactions To The WSJ Article, Vince Wanting To Come Back

Vince McMahon wants to come back to the WWE, but it doesn’t seem like that feeling is mutual.

Today’s article from the Wall Street Journal has been covered on this site elsewhere, but to recap: Vince McMahon has told those close to him that he’s considered making a WWE comeback, and got poor advice to retire. There is also the revelation of two more lawsuits regarding sexual misconduct and assault – one new, and one from Rita Chatterton, a former WWE referee.

A new report details the internal reaction at WWE to the ongoing legal issues surrounding Vince.

Fightful immediately heard from numerous staff and talent within WWE. One WWE talent called the news “exhausting,” and was hopeful that Vince McMahon’s WWE tenure was in the rear view, despite them having a positive relationship prior to McMahon leaving. Another said that they were concerned for the talent that got re-hired in the event that Vince McMahon were to return.

A higher-up in WWE wasn’t nearly as concerned. They mentioned that the stock price increased, viewership was boosted, and general morale recovered after Vince McMahon left. Said the source: “It would be a really selfish move for Vince to come back under any circumstances. The reason he left, how business has done since then — it’d be really selfish. But selfish activities are what led to him leaving in the first place.” That source said that they did not believe that Vince would return, despite having voting power within the company.

One longtime staffer said that morale has increased tenfold since McMahon left, and they don’t believe he’ll be back, whether he wants to be or not. An employee of over a decade says they also believe that McMahon’s family will actively encourage him to remain retired. That same source says they think that McMahon returning would do irreparable damage to the WWE brand, and said that the few doubters that thought WWE would collapse internally have been proven wrong, with one notable name even admitting as much.

The timing of the article’s release was interesting to one official that came to power in recent years. With McMahon speaking to those close to him about a potential return, that source did not believe the timing of the information of additional legal issues being released was an accident, and also coincides with the release of a Vince McMahon VICE TV documentary.

Source: EWrestlingNews