Bobby Lashley ‘Fired’ From WWE On RAW, What Happened After WWE RAW Went Off The Air?

Bobby Lashley has been “fired” from WWE.

During Monday night’s episode of RAW, WWE ran a storyline angle where Adam Pearce fired the ‘Almighty One.’ In the main event of the show, Lashley faced off against Seth Rollins for a shot at Austin Theory and the WWE United States Championship.

The finish of the match came when the referee rolled out of the ring and appeared to injure his ankle. This resulted in Lashley locking in the Hurt Lock on Rollins. The referee wasn’t able to call the match (storyline-related), which resulted in Lashley hitting a spear on Rollins and then arguing with the ref. While this was happening, Rollins was able to recover and hit a Pedigree on Lashley to get the pinfall.

Following the match, Lashley took out his frustrations on the referee. When a second ref came in, Lashley “accidentally” elbowed him. At that point, Adam Pearce came out and fired Lashley as the show faded to black.

Immediately after the show ended, Byron Saxton attempted to get a word in with Adam Pearce, who was enraged over what had transpired just moments before. Pearce stated that it would be “very premature” of him to comment on the situation so soon.

Saxton then approached Lashley and asked for his comments on what had just taken place. The former WWE Champion didn’t say a word and went inside his locker-room. Lashley came out moments later with his luggage and hurriedly left the arena.

Source: EWrestlingNews