WWE Reportedly Planning A “Pitch Black” Match For Bray Wyatt At Royal Rumble

Let the speculation on what exactly a Pitch Black match is going to be begin.

The next major event on the WWE calendar is Royal Rumble, and other than the two usual 30-person matches, nothing for the card has been officially announced. However, the event might well be the backdrop for Bray Wyatt’s long-awaited in-ring return.

According to WrestlingNews.co, the entire card for Royal Rumble is already planned out, and currently on that card is something being referred to as a Pitch Black match. WWE’s sources didn’t indicate what exactly a new match type will involve, but it’s believed if it does happen, Wyatt will be one of the competitors.

Even though Wyatt made his WWE return at Extreme Rules well over a month ago, The Eater of Worlds is yet to have actually wrestled a match. In fact, by the time Royal Rumble rolls around, Wyatt will be nearing two years since he last wrestled. The former WWE Champion’s final match up until this point was a loss to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37, and before that match he hadn’t wrestled since being burned alive by Randy Orton the year prior at TLC.

As for who Wyatt might face should there be a Pitch Black match at Royal Rumble, the most likely candidate right now is LA Knight. The two of them have been clashing on SmackDown as Wyatt’s first rivalry since his return has been unfolding. As for whether that can be dragged out for the next two months, especially if Wyatt isn’t going to wrestle, is another question entirely.

That could mean we see Wyatt wrestle before then. Whether it be during an episode of SmackDown or perhaps when WWE travels to India for a big show, something that is currently being planned for January. While the storyline with Knight appears to have fans gripped, Wyatt has to wrestle again sooner or later, and doing it in a new gimmick match might be the perfect way to reintroduce him to the ring.

Source: TheSportster