Roman Reigns Upset With Kevin Owens After Survivor Series WarGames

Roman Reigns was reportedly not happy following the Survivor Series WarGames main event. 

According to a report from Fightful Select, Reigns was said to be visibly upset backstage regarding what he perceived as an “unplanned spot” involving him and Kevin Owens. Reigns was overheard saying he may have a ruptured ear drum, and it was clear to those who witnessed the scene that he was not happy with what happened. 

Reigns did not take part in the post-event press conference as he was originally scheduled to. 

Talent spoken with by Fightful indicated they did not believe there would be any extended heat from what happened and that Reigns’ reaction was likely due to the heat of the moment. 

It is not clear what spot was the catalyst for Reigns becoming upset. The only spots Owens and Reigns worked with each other during the match came close to the end. Owens slapped Reigns, and then they exchanged strikes for a period. Roman hit a Superman Punch, and Owens hit a superkick, a pop-up powerbomb, and a stunner. Sami Zayn then broke up the pin leading to the finish, where Zayn hit a low blow and Helluva Kick on Owens. 

Sources: WrestleView and Fightful