Tony Khan Provides Updates On Hangman Page, Adam Cole, Miro, & Andrade El Idolo

AEW President Tony Khan provided several updates on Miro, Andrade El Idolo, Hangman Page & Adam Cole during the post-AEW All Out media scrum.

As many of you are aware, both Cole and Page are out with concussions, while Miro and El Idolo have been off TV in recent months.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On when Miro and Anrade El Idolo may return: “I think when we launched AEW, one thing I said was that we would build a big roster, and we would kind of have it be where I wasn’t really committing to everybody necessarily working every single week, or even possibly working people in and out of the cards. And I think that’s still something I’m committed to. So there’s people who aren’t on every event, but I would still like to get involved. And you know, you’ve seen people take some sabbaticals, absences, breaks from AEW for various reasons, come back and get very involved. And I think that’s still for both of those guys, potentially something that you could see.

“There are different reasons, I think they’re different [situations]. They’re apples and oranges in some ways, but I also think both of them are great, and I would like to get both of them involved in the future.”

On Adam Cole and Hangman Page’s statuses: “Well, I’ve been in contact with both of them. They’re both doing very well. I think again, they’re different situations. But for both of them, I think I’m optimistic we’d get both both of them back. But I can’t say when either of them would be exactly. But I do think they will both very well received and I there’s a lot of fans looking forward to both of the Adams returning. I think Hangman Page and Adam Cole would have a big reception on their return. The most important thing is, they’re both doing really well.”

Source: EWrestlingNews